Elec mind review: a clever puzzle platformer with actual spark.Support Rock report Shotgun

Elec mind review: a clever puzzle platformer with actual spark.Support Rock report Shotgun Elec mind is one of those devilishly smart puzzle platformers that delights at each change. Developed by solo dev NamaTakahashi, your bring since the titular Elec, a little robot whose human anatomy can electrify whatever exterior the guy meets, triggering they to illuminate a dazzling color of yellowish at night places of a strange, underground premises. Technically, it’s his head where his electric currents come from, which you quickly learn to throw-in purchase to flip changes from afar, produce new systems and dodge fatal barriers in order to get from one area of the room to another. The capture? Elec’s human body has only ten seconds of power remaining as he’s without their head, leading to your to burst if he doesn’t achieve it eventually. The result is a stunningly great problem online game whose lender of brilliantly conceived tips was performed to perfection, and it left me personally with a huge fat smile to my face for your of the three-hour run-time. Divide across six loosely-defined phases that seamlessly combine into each other (and which you can warp back once again to anytime to wipe up the twenty collectible calculators), ElecHead is a fantastic exemplory case of a-game that will teach by-design. You find out everything you need to discover by just finishing and engaging with its well-paced puzzles. A lot of them become found in just one screen, but they generally bleed over into more areas also, producing some effectively close interplay between ElecHead’s various conditions. Supply just one single early example, you will run into a bedroom, say, which contains a flooring of surges and lightbulbs chained about roof. The only way onward will be climb up a collection of platforms causing the bedroom above. But if you step on a program in this higher area that is chained to a lightbulb listed below, you’ll trigger a dangerous surge of insta-kill latest to run through they, exploding Elec and sending him returning to the final checkpoint (which have been usually generously located at the start of each problem).