Flames exits tend to be obviously designated in the medical.

Flames exits tend to be obviously designated in the medical. If you have any questions about flame security processes during your stay; please query a member of your own practices group for more information. Video/Electronic Security St. Maryaˆ™s wants to ensure the safety and security of patients, customers, staff members and property, while respecting individualaˆ™s rights to privacy. SMGH uses videos and electronic security in conjunction with additional security and safety strategies and strategies to help keep your secure. Video/electronic monitoring enables concurrent real-time monitoring of several segments within SMGHaˆ™s facilities/property and improves the capacity to watch people in danger close by the facilities. This type of security may also stop and/or prevent negative incidents, misconduct, and criminal activity. If you have concerns or problems, kindly call all of our Privacy policeman at 519-479-6578, ext. 1209. Problems Protection and Regulation Helping avoid the spread of infectious disorder within our medical facility is actually everyoneaˆ™s duty. The problems prevention and regulation groups tend to be professionals and count on assistance from patients and website visitors. As an individual or worry spouse, it is vital that your stick to any disease control guidelines. Please follow the directions below to prevent obtaining and spreading infection from inside the medical: